Salmon Poke Bowl

[ Cooking w/ the BOYz 17 ] 子供料理:Salmon Poke Bowl [ Shopping List: 4-5 servings]1 lb sashimi quality salmon1 avocado2 scallions1/2″ ginger1 garlic1 tbsp soy sauce1 tbsp sesame

Hippari Udon

Hippari Udon which means, pulled udon, is a regional specialty from Yamagata prefecture in Tohoku Japan.  Nobody knows where the name actually came from, but some people think


Tonkatsu is a deep fried breaded pork, and is a Japanese invention obviously with strong influence of European cuisine.  Now you are wondering what the different between tonkatsu

Takikomi Gohan

Takikomi gohan, or aji gohan as it is sometimes known, is seasoned steamed rice with a few other ingredients added for flavor. The added ingredients are typically various

Soboro Bento

There are so many bento options in japan, but I have to say soboro bento is probably one of the most popular ones.  I remember I was so


Soboro is a cooking method in which minced ingredients such as ground meats, shrimp and eggs are cooked in a soy sauce based sauce until they absorb all