Kinako, Roasted Soy Bean Powder

Kinako is roasted soy bean powder (or roasted soy bean flour) that used in Japanese traditional dessert often.  When you dry roast soy bean, it gives a very aromatic natty flavor.  After you dry roasting, you can grind it to make fine powder.  Then you can add it to baking dish to give an extra flavor or in Japan we often add sugar and small amount of salt to use for many dessert dishes.  Try to sprinkle it on top of rice or toast.  You will be very happy!

How to Make Kinako
Soy beans

Dry roast soy beans over medium heat until smelling nice roasting aroma for about 10 minutes.  Remove from heat, and let it cool to room temprature.  Grind it with a coffee grinder or a very good blender such as Vitamix.

Sweeten Kinako
pinch of salt

Use a 2:1 ratio of kinako and sugar.  Mix kinako and sugar and add pinch of salt.  Taste it and adjust the flavor.


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