“Meatless Monday Cooking Club” An online cooking class for tweens and teens!

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“Meatless Monday Cooking Club” is an afterschool program where kids cook meatless dinners for their families to enjoy mealtime together. They will be developing important cooking skills as well as positive relationships with food.

Starting your week with meat-free meals is a great way to reset your bodies and practice new healthy behaviors. The menu is designed to help reduce the prevalence of preventable illnesses and the environmental impact associated with meat production and excessive meat consumption.

Each week we will “visit” different places and explore new cuisines anywhere from the American South to Japan, and we will try a variety of creative and tasty vegetarian dishes from every corner of the globe.

Through these classes I want to help kids not only to become healthy eaters, but also to develop their palates so they can enjoy the diversity of food.

I hope they will have fun traveling through cooking and learning about other cultures through food.

These will be live cooking classes over Zoom in their own kitchen. Even though we can’t physically cook together, it will still be fun and interactive. I will be helping them along as they cook, and they can ask any questions anytime. Let’s have fun together! The program runs once a week for 5 consecutive weeks.

  • Dates: 11/23, 11/30, 12/7, 12/14, 12/21
  • Time: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm (2 hours)
  • Cost: $190 for 5 classes
  • Class size: limited to 10 tweens and teens
  • Instructor: Yoko Bryden
  • Recommended age: Suitable for kids 11+ who are comfortable with using a knife to cook independently, and for younger children if accompanied by an adult.
  • Recipes are designed to work in typical kitchens.
  • Allergies and modifications: Recipes are flexible and can be altered to your needs (eg., vegetarian, gluten free…). So please feel free to consult me before signing up.


  • measuring cups and spoons
  • cutting board
  • chef’s knife
  • prep bowls
  • wooden spoons
  • whisk
  • ladle
  • tongs
  • spatula
  • silicone spatula
  • rimmed baking sheet (sheet pan)
  • colander
  • saucepan with lid (3-5 quart)
  • large pot (5-7 quart)
  • cooking pan/skillet (10″-12″)
  • food processor
  • grater
  • peeler (nice to have but not necessary)
  • garlic press (nice to have but not necessary)
  • mandoline slicer (nice to have but not necessary)

One week before the class starts, I will send you shopping lists, recipes, a video with instructions for setting up your kitchen, and a Zoom link via email.

  1. Shopping lists:
    Shop for all the ingredients before the class starts.
  2. Recipes:
    Print out the recipes.
  3. Video and instruction for setting up:
    Watch the quick video to see how to set up your kitchen for the class. Please allow up to 30 minutes maximum to set up for each class.
  4. Zoom link:
    Click the link 5 minutes before the scheduled time class starts to participate in the class.

I understand we all have busy lives and things sometimes come up at the last minute. However, I cannot provide a refund for cancellations.


1 Italian
– Spaghetti with Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce
– Antipasto Salad

2 Vietnamese
– Eggplant Banh Me Sandwich
– Daikon Radish and Carrot Salad

3 Venezuelan
– Avocado Egg Salad Arepa (Cornmeal Pancake)
– Spiced Black Beans
– Panfried Plantains

4 Tex Mex / Mexican
– Roasted Cauliflower Burrito Rice Bowl
– Vegetable Sticks with Avocado Lime Dip

5 Spanish Tapas
– Spanish Omelette
– Tomato Bread
– Skewered Olive, Manchego Cheese and Tomato
– Grilled Shishito w/ Smoked Paprika Aioli

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