Soy Marinated Egg Yolk

Here is a recipe for the simplest and the tastiest way of preparing egg yolks.  Just put it in a small container, pour some soy sauce and let it marinate for at least or a day or two.  It gets harder and saltier as time passes so find just right consistency and saltiness for your taste or for the purpose.  You can start eating after one day, but probably tastes better after two days. I try to eat it within four or five days to keep the freshness. The above photo is four days marinated egg yolk.

My favorite way of eating this is to put on a steamy hot rice with some of the marinade soy sauce, but you can be creative to put on salad, tofu or even on steamed fish.  In the photo above, I mixed chopped scallions and very thinly sliced red onion soaked in ice cold water for half hour and drained, and simply put a marinated egg yolk and some of the soy sauce.  This can be very nice appetizer especially served with nice sake!

So now you know what to do with an extra egg yolk  if you ever get an extra on hand.

Soy Marinated Egg Yolk

Soy Marinated Egg Yolk


  • However many egg yolks
  • About 2 tsp per egg yolk soy sauce


    Place a egg yolk in a tiny container that egg yolks just fit, and pour soy sauce. Cover and let it marinate in a refrigerator for up to five days.


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