One Good Sake

Recently I had a very good sake which friends brought to dinner at my place.  After I found out how special this sake was, I became to like it even more. The sake is Watari Bune Junmai Ginjo 55 (around $30/720ml) / Huchu Homare Brewery
The taste was fruity and floral, but at the same time it was nutty and creamy.  You can really enjoy the complexity of this wonderful sake.

So what is special about this?  Here is the story I found in Japanese web site.
Watari Bune is also the name of a heirloom variety of rice that used to be very popular from the 1920’s to 1930’s.  It was considered as one of the best rice to make sake, but the farmers and the brewers stopped cultivating it because of the inconvenient harvest time, and delicate features susceptible to bugs.  In 1989 the brewery wanted to replant this rice again, and two years later they made enough rice to start producing the sake.  The production is still small, but enough for us to enjoy!  Try your local liquor store first to see if they carry it.  I believe Lower Falls Wine Co. in Newton, MA carries it. If not, you can buy it online including at  I think it tastes even better knowing this story!



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