Grilled Soy shishito

Shishito pepper is a small relatively mild green pepper.  Although the spiciness changes depending on the weather conditions, it is relatively mild and can be eaten whole including


Tamagoyaki means grilled egg in translation, and is a type of Japanese omelette.  There are different types of tamagoyaki depending on the additional ingredients for different purposes or

Umeboshi Beets Rice

I don’t know if any of you have ever seen such a deep red rice.  Beets and umeboshi (Japanese salted plum) are the ingredients that make the color.

Japanese Candied Chestnuts

When chestnut season comes around Thanksgiving, I make my first kuri-no-shibukawani (candied chestnuts) for the season, and I make the second one for a traditional Japanese New Year’s


Hijiki is a wild sea vegetable that is an important ingredient for Japanese cuisine.  It is a good source of fiber, calcium, and iron. The main cultivation season

Otoshi buta

Otoshi buta is a Japanese “drop lid” typically made from wood, although nowadays silicon, plastic, and other materials are also used.  “Drop lid” means it is small enough


Abura-age is a type of prepared tofu that you might know from inari-sushi or as an ingredient in miso soup – it is thinly sliced and deep fried

Roasted Soy Beans

Today is Setsubun (the literal meaning is seasonal division) which is the day before the beginning of Spring under the Japanese lunar calendar.  It is the day to

Yaki Onigiri

Onigiri means rice ball, and yaki onigiri means grilled rice ball.  All onigiri are very tasty and are considered a comfort food by most Japanese people.  And, yaki

Ice Scream

Stop talking, brain thinking. Hush. It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool. I’m the Doctor, I’m worse than everyone’s aunt. *catches himself* And that


It’s a T. It goes “tuh”. Bender, hurry! This fuel’s expensive! Also, we’re dying! For the last time, I don’t like lilacs! Your ‘first’ wife was the one

Minimal Food

I saw you with those two “ladies of the evening” at Elzars. Explain that. I’ll tell them you went down prying the wedding ring off his cold, dead

Pasta with my Husband

I’m afraid I just blue myself. That’s what it said on ‘Ask Jeeves.’ First place chick is hot, but has an attitude, doesn’t date magicians. It’s called ‘taking

My Dinner

As you may or may not know, Lindsay and I have hit a bit of a rough patch. No… but I’d like to be asked! No, I did

I love Cakes

Michael! That’s what it said on ‘Ask Jeeves.’ First place chick is hot, but has an attitude, doesn’t date magicians. No, I did not kill Kitty. However, I

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One Good Sake

Recently I had a very good sake which friends brought to dinner at my place.  After I found out how special this sake was, I became to like